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          • Cangzhou's party chief,Yang Hui came and his party

          Our company has a strategic

                Our company has a strategic relationship with Great Wall automobile【More】

          China's mold level to reach

                China& 39;s mold level to reach the leading level will be around the corner【More】

          INTRODUCEGroup Introduction

              Hebei XingLin group was founded in 1986, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, annual output value 800 million yuan, the group headquarters is located in hebei cangzhou potow economic development zone. 【More】

          Industrial Structure: Automotive stamping die Prototype vehicles Automobile design Lightweight development Automobile stamping parts
          contact us
          ADDRESSAdd: No.8th,Industrial development zone,BoTou City,
          HeBei Province      
          Post Code:062150   
          Tel:86-317-8386999(Marketing Department )8262222(Project Management Center) 
          Fax:86-317-8184999    E-Mail:xinglin@vip.sina.com 

          QR code
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